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Medicare Special Enrollment Periods and How to Make Changes to Your Current Medicare Plan

Updated: May 7

Senior Solutions is the Medicare Division of The Bedrock Group
There are specific times you're able to change your Medicare Plan

Understanding the timelines for entering or changing your current Medicare Plan is really quite important. There are particular time frames to do so. Below is a breakdown of the enrollment periods to help you navigate when you can and should make changes.

Medicare Enrollment Periods

Initial Enrollment / Election Period (IEP)

  • WHO: Medicare Eligible people turning 65

  • WHAT: Enroll in Original Medicare Parts A & B - Medicare Supplement (Medigap), Prescription Drug Plan, or Medicare Advantage

  • WHEN: Three months before and three months after Turning 65

General Enrollment Period (GEP)

  • WHO: People who missed their IEP and who do not qualify for a SEP

  • WHAT: Enroll in Original Medicare Parts A&B

  • WHEN: Each year from January 1 - March 31

Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

  • WHO: People who are already enrolled in Medicare

  • WHAT: Enroll, change plans, disenroll from a Medicare Supplement, a Medicare Advantage Plan, or a Prescription Drug Plan

  • WHEN: Annually from October 15 - December 7

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (MAOEP)

  • WHO: People who have a Medicare Advantage Plan

  • WHAT: Switch Advantage Plans or return to Original Medicare

  • WHEN: Annually from January 1 - March 31

Special Enrollment/Election Period (SEP)

  • WHO: People who have a qualifying situation

  • WHAT: A qualifying event to enroll in Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or a Part D Prescription Drug Plan mid-year

  • WHEN: 8 months for Parts A&B, two months for Medicare Advantage and Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Open Enrollment Period (MOEP)

  • WHO: People who just started Medicare Part B

  • WHAT: Can enroll in a Medigap (Medicare Supplement) Plan without the underwriting process

  • WHEN: six-months from the Part B Effective Date

Phew! That's quite a bit to know, right? Having an Annual Medicare Benefits Review is highly beneficial. Senior Solutions, the Medicare Division of The Bedrock Group, provides our clients and potential clients with a complimentary review. This is where we review your specific needs and discuss what prescriptions you are taking and what doctors you see. Depending on your needs and where you live, we can provide multiple plan options to find the one best suited for you, and we can even let you know if and when you can make the change.

If you feel that you need to change your existing Medicare plan because your situation has changed, you have moved, or if your financial situation has changed, we would be happy to help in the following ways:

  • We're pleased to answer your questions over the phone by calling 502-200-1516

  • You can call 833-905-1060 to set up an in-person appointment

  • You can go online at for more information about who we are and the other services we provide

Medicare enrollment and plans can be confusing, but they do not have to be. We are here to help.

Click here for your FREE ebook copy of The Comprehensive Guide to Turning 65. You can download the guide immediately or subscribe to receive updates and enter your email. Within 10 minutes, you should have your ebook download link in your inbox.

Please continue reading below if you want more information about who we are.

Jamie Smith is the CMO for The Bedrock Group and its affiliates


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At The Bedrock Group, we're a Veteran and First Responder-owned full-service insurance agency. We provide complimentary consultations and no-cost Medicare reviews. Our home office is located in New Albany, IN. We have a Senior Resource Center in Stanford, KY, and a full-service agency in Asheville, NC. We also offer the following services:

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If you have Medicare questions, you can call our team at 502-200-1516. If you want to schedule an in-person Medicare Benefits Review, please call 833-905-1060. If you would like a comprehensive overall review, call 833-905-1060 or email with your contact information, including your name, city, state, and phone number, and we will connect with you.


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