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Bedrock Financial Group Life Insurance


At Bedrock Financial Group, you can provide the financial protection you and your family needs for a financially healthy retirement. 

A Whole Life Insurance policy is a permanent plan that provides coverage for life and cash value accumulation. 

Term Life Insurance provides coverage for a set period of time. 

Bedrock Financial Group Whole/Term Life Insurance
Bedrock Financial Group Universal Life Insurance


Universal Life Insurance provides permanent life insurance. With this type of life insurance, the insured person is covered for life as long as the premiums are paid and any policy requirements are fulfilled to maintain the coverage.


Universal Life Insurance combines a savings element (cash value). Once the policyholder passes away, the policy's beneficiary receives the death benefit payment. 


Income Protection is a great choice, and an opportunity to provide an income, especially in uncertain times. This is a long-term insurance policy that ensures you have income until you retire, or are out of work and are able to return to work. 

There are many affordable options and a lot of conflicting messaging. Even though you can look around on your own, it's a good idea to work with an independent financial advisor for some great advice.

Bedrock Financial Group Income Protection Insurance
Bedrock Financial Group Final Expense (Burial) Insurance


Final Expense insurance is also known as burial insurance. This is a type of whole life insurance with very affordable premiums that will assist your family with the high cost of burial expenses after you pass. 


Mortgage Protection is a type of insurance that will help your family make your monthly mortgage payments if you pass away before the mortgage is paid off. 

Bedrock Financial Group Mortgage Protection Insurance
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