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You have the power to save lives.

CoFounders of The Bedrock Group

Coming Together
to make a difference.

The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky

The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky have joined hands to help thousands of people who are in need of a lifesaving transplant. Unfortunately, 16 individuals lose their lives every day while waiting for a transplant. However, a single donor can help save and improve the lives of more than 75 people.

A person's choice to Donate Life has touched many people's lives, including one of our Cofounders and CEO, Stewart Daily. His Father and his Mother-in-Law received life-saving organ transplants.


Due to the positive impact this has had on one of our own in the Bedrock family, we felt the need to come together to further the life-saving mission of Donate Life Kentucky.

While planning for the end of life may not always be the most comfortable conversation, it's essential to preparing for the future. Embracing these discussions with openness and kindness allows us to make informed choices, ensuring that we can live our lives to the fullest and provide peace of mind for ourselves and those we care about.

Here’s how you can make a difference and establish your legacy for yourself and your family.

The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky came together to help to save lives
The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky - Life Saving Statistics

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