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Worker's Compensation

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Bedrock Property and Casualty Why Us for Workers Compensation

Why Us?

Some of the most significant challenges facing many companies today are dealing with an uncertain economy, changing employee safety requirements, and providing your employees with peace of mind.

With companies focusing on the future and pursuing growth, ensuring that workers' compensation coverage and insurance needs continue to protect employees and businesses is essential.

At Bedrock Property & Casualty, we offer a complete approach to your workers’ compensation needs and help innovate solutions for your business to provide the most economical and comprehensive approach to handling your insurance needs.

Leading Causes for Overpayment

  • Your business expanded into other states.

  • Your business merged with another company or experienced a change in ownership.

  • The insurance company has changed your workers’ compensation job classifications.

  • Your policy was rewritten with a different effective date.

  • Your insurance company had a rate change during your policy period.

  • You have been charged for uninsured subcontractors.

  • You did not receive copies of the auditor’s worksheets.

  • The auditor did not complete your audit while onsite.

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