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The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky Come Together to Help Save Lives

Updated: Jun 19

The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky
The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky Come Together

The Bedrock Group and Donate Life Kentucky are coming together to make a difference. The CEO of The Bedrock Group, Stewart Daily, has personal experience with the impact of the Donate Life organization on individuals and their families. This decision is influenced by the fact that both his father and his mother-in-law have received life-saving organ transplants.

Stewart's Experience: Organ donation holds a special place in my heart. My father underwent a bi-lateral lung transplant. He and my mother resided in Durham, NC for twelve months - six months awaiting a suitable lung donor and six months post-surgery for his recuperation. They stayed in Durham because Duke University Hospital was one of the few facilities capable of performing the transplant. Thanks to organ donation, he gained an additional nine years of life and the opportunity to meet all his grandchildren.
Organ donation has not only touched my life, but that of my wife as well. Her mother was a kidney transplant patient. She was able to get another 11 years to spend with her family and no longer had to go to dialysis every other day. Much like my father she got to meet grandchildren that without a transplant, she would never have gotten to hold them.
Both loved their families very much and got to enjoy extra years because of organ donation.

Every day, sixteen individuals lose their lives while awaiting a transplant. However, it only takes a single donor to help save and improve the lives of more than 75 people. Anyone could be a potential donor, and you can register at any age.

The decision to support Donate Life Kentucky's mission was an easy one. At The Bedrock Group, we help families plan for their health, retirement, financial well-being, and how to plan for the end of life – which is never an easy topic to think about or discuss with loved ones. However, it is very important to plan for.

We provide families with peace of mind about how to care for loved ones after they're gone. We are helping Donate Life Kentucky's mission by asking folks to register to become organ donors and offering the option to donate a life policy by making Donate Life Kentucky the beneficiary of a Life Insurance policy.

To learn more about how to get involved with our partnership and mission to help Donate Life Kentucky, please visit

Together, we have the power to save lives.

Jamie Smith is the CMO of The Bedrock Group and its affiliates

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