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Baptist Health: What You Need to Know About Changes to Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Updated: May 7

If you are on a Humana, United Healthcare, or Wellcare Medicare Advantage Plan and have Baptist Healthcare Doctors/Specialists, you must review your options. So what do you do?

Senior Solutions, LLC the Medicare division of The Bedrock Group
At Senior Solutions, the Medicare division of The Bedrock Group, we are here to help you navigate the complexities of Medicare.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Baptist Health Network Coverage.

At this time, there is a lot of confusion and conflicting messaging about what is happening with Baptist Health and Medicare Advantage, and we would like to help clear it up.

After September 22, 2023, Humana and Baptist Health did not reach an agreement, which means their patients with Humana Medicare Advantage Plans may no longer be in-network in Indiana and Kentucky. Now Baptist Health is facing a new deadline with two other carriers, United Healthcare and Wellcare. The deadline is scheduled for December 31st of this year. If you are on any of the Medicare Advantage Plans listed, don't panic. You do have options.

According to the Baptist Health website (updated on 10/9/23), they have been working to secure new agreements with their Medicare Advantage insurance partners.

"Our goal is to protect our patients’ trusted relationship with their physician and their in-network access to the high-quality care they need from our hospitals, outpatient facilities and physician offices. It is our hope to reach agreements before the end of the year to avoid any disruption of in-network access."

The Medicare Annual Enrollment is running now until December 7th. Depending on your current Medicare Advantage Plan, you could be just fine. The best way to find out is to work with your trusted Medicare agent, and if you do not have one, we are happy to review your current plan to see your options or provide information on alternatives that are equal to or better than what you have. There is a silver lining that you may find something better.

How we can help.

We are Senior Solutions, the Medicare division of The Bedrock Group, a veteran and first-responder-owned full-service insurance agency located in New Albany, IN, and service over twenty states. We came together in 2018 with the willingness to help seniors and their families navigate the complexities of Medicare. We get there is a lot of conflicting information, and we want to help alleviate the noise.

At Senior Solutions, we help our clients handle situations such as these. We work with you and your family to understand any changes that come along with networks, prescriptions, plan benefits, and more. Simply put, we are here for you.

Our services are always complimentary, and we are happy to review what you have to see if you need to change. We are contracted with top-tier insurance carriers, so we will find the plan that fits your needs with the benefits you deserve.

Please call our office at 833-905-1060 to set up an appointment, or you may request an appointment by clicking here.

Jamie Smith is the CMO of The Bedrock Group


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At The Bedrock Group, we're a Veteran and First-Responder-owned full-service insurance agency. We provide complimentary consultations and no-cost Medicare reviews. Our home office is located in New Albany, IN. We have a Senior Resource Center in Stanford, KY, and a full-service agency in Asheville, NC. We also offer the following services:

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