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You can have the power to save lives.

Today, more than 105,000 Americans, 1,000 Kentuckians and 1,000 Hoosiers are awaiting one of these life-saving organs. And the list keeps growing and continues to exceed the availability.

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Bedrock + Donate Life

Bedrock Financial Group and Donate Life Kentucky have joined hands to help thousands of people who require a lifesaving transplant. Unfortunately, 17 individuals lose their lives every day while waiting for a transplant. However, a single donor can help save and improve the lives of more than 100 people.

Talking about life, life expectancy, and especially the end of life is not a topic that people find comfortable to discuss, despite its immense significance in planning for the future. This is why the collaboration between Bedrock and Donate Life is crucial. You have the power to save a life.

1. With Bedrock, you can make Donate Life Kentucky a beneficiary on a life insurance plan.

2. You can register to be an Organ, Tissue, & Cornea Donor today

3. Make a financial contribution Click to Give


Give Life - Life Insurance Policy

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